Producer Terms

Definitions of terms used

Beat:  Any sequenced creation of original music , vocal, sampled material,  or instrumentation.

Producer: Creator of the “beats”

Contracted Producer: A Producer that has signed a agreement with JGreen Beats.

Mixtape: Any promotional cd distributed for free or sold.

Sample: Sonic material created by, copy written, or owned by a third party.

JGreen Beats:  JGreen, JGreenbeats, llc., or any subsidiary of which.

Third Party: Anyone that is not stated in this agreement.

Clients: Any customer or inquirer of

Tag: A sonic credit stating a producer’s name.

User terms and agreements: This document makes several references to JGreen Beats user terms and agreements, which will be distributed to clients with beat purchase, as well as stated on the site, and must be agreed to by client to complete purchase. Please take the time to review this.


The following is a guideline, and agreement between JGreen Beats, and said producer to conduct business together.

Exclusivity Terms

  1. Beats submitted to JGreen Beats cannot be placed,  sold or distributed on any other website, mixtape, or promotion, without prior or written consent from JGreen Beats.
  2. Producers may choose whether to sell their beats exclusively, but lease and premium files are required.
  3. Producers must give JGreen Beats at least 2 week’s notice before a beat can be pulled from the site.
  4. Do not submit beats that you did not produce yourself, no exceptions.
  5.  Producer collaborations are allowed but all payments and disputes will be the responsibility of the contracted producer. JGreen Beats is not liable for any legal implications as a result of third party producers, nor assume any responsibility of communication or payments in any way. Side agreements of resulting income or royalties can be made between contracted producer and third party producer, after JGreen Beats commission has been subtracted.
  6. Producers will not give any third party their login for the site under any circumstances. Any activity under a producer’s login will be the responsibility of contracted producer.
  7. JGreen Beats has the right to refuse any beats to be placed on the site at their disclosure.
  8. Once a producer’s beat is sold exclusively it will be removed from the site, and cannot be sold again under any circumstance.
  9. Producers must take part in any legal matters of transferring rights of exclusive beats to the buying party. JGreen beats has the right to hold the producer’s income of involved beats for refund only until all transfers of rights are complete. After transfers of rights are complete the payment will be issued to the producer in next distribution report, minus agreed commissions or any incurred legal fees.
  10. JGreen beats has the right to remove any beat or beats from the site immediately at their discretion.


Sample Terms

  1. The individual producer will assume any legal liability for all third party samples used in the production of a beat.
  2. Producers must keep track of sample sources used in the production of their beat’s , and must submit the info to JGreen Beats during beat submit procedure.
  3. JGreen Beats will not verify, validate or clear any samples, and will only use the submitted sample sources to inform clients when necessary.
  4. It will be the buyer’s responsibility to clear any samples for commercial use (as stated in the “user terms and agreements”.)

Quality Terms

  1. All lease beats must be Stereo 320kb Mp3 Format, with one tag in intro only.
  2. All Premium beats must be Stereo 16 bit 44.1k Wave Format, with no tags.
  3. All Exclusive beats must tracked out 16 bit 44.1k Wave Format. (please try not to track the entire or so minutes long. Export tracked out 24bar loops of each sound to reduce file size and ensure faster downloads.)

Payments & Commission

  1. JGreen Beats will take a 25% commission on all purchased beats.
  2. JGreen beats will upload a monthly sale report every month to the producer’s area of the website.
  3. Producers will be paid their sales revenue on a monthly basis.
  4. Producers will also retain a 50% royalty on exclusive beat sold on the site (as stated in ”user terms and agreements”)



  1. Producers will retain all their credits for their beats, as stated in the “user terms and conditions”.





Promotion Terms

  1. Producers will actively help promote the site.
  2. Producers will be required to supply a short bio, Avatar photo, and social network links to diplay on the producer’s page of the website.
  3. JGreen Beats will make Logos, banners and other promos available through the promotions section of the producer area.

Beat Submit procedure

  1. Beats must be submitted through the upload section in the producer’s area of the site.
  2. The files link will be submitted in the upload form.
  3. Files must be hosted as followed
    1.  on sendspace, yousendit, dropbox  or another secure, private file sharing account.
    2. All files must be in one zip folder containing the lease- 320kb mp3, premium – 16bit Wave, and a zip folder with the tracked out exclusive version if desired.



Cancelation Terms


  1. JGreen Beats, and or the Contracted Producer have the right to cancel this agreement at any time for any reason. Result of cancellation will be the removal of all said producer’s beats from the site, given the allowed 2 week grace period stated above. The producer will receive his final compensation payment as scheduled, and this agreement with JGreen Beats will be closed. Any exclusive’s the producer has sold on the site will be final and still bound by this agreement, and any pending exclusive’s be attempted to be completed. If producer does not wish to complete or participate in finishing the pending sales, they will be cancelled within 48 hours and a refund will be issued to the client.
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